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This is a pretty disorganized list.  

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The Vacuum – in the basement on the table near the washer dryer.  It assembles to look like this:

It’s cordless!  Just make sure to plug it back in the charger downstairs when you are done.  It’s also bagless.  It’s a Dyson so pretty intuitive but you can google it if you need more instructions.

Sheets for the Master Bedroom: Bottom Drawer of the bureau.

Sheets for the South Back Bedroom: Bottom Drawers of the bureau in the closet.

Sheets for the North Back Bedroom: In basket on shelf in closet.

Sheets for sleeper sofa: In bottom drawers of bureau in closet of South Back Bedroom.

Sheets for Air Mattress: On shelf in North Back Bedroom

Lightbulbs – try the cabinets in the basement or the downstairs bathroom cabinet.

The broom and dustpan – hanging in the stairwell to the basement

Bath Towels – Master bedroom Closet on Shelf

Boogie boards – under the deck

sand chairs – under the deck

things like olive oil and salt – in the lazy susan cabinet in the kitchen

tide calendar – hanging on the inside of the door to the basement

toilet paper – in the cabinets of the different bathrooms (and also maybe in the basement on the counter

matches – either in the tool drawer of the butcher block or in the white cabinet in near the dining table

Tools of all kinds (hammer, screwdriver etc) – in the drawer of the butcher block

Wine glasses – in glass cabinet part of the white cabinet near the dining table.

reusable bags for the grocery store – on the shelf in the butcher block

Extra Keys: There should be one in the white cabinet drawer near the table and M&D have one too!

Black Garbage bags – there may be some in the basement.

white garbage bags for kitchen trash – bottom of long cabinet in kitchen to the left of the fridge.

Pot holders – drawer to the left of the stove

dishcloths drawer to the left of the stove.

Sticks to roast marshmallows on – in the cabinet above the refrigerator

Metal container to put a bonfire in – under the deck.

Recycling for the Nespresso Pods – in the mailer bag in the freezer/