🍁Fall 2019 🍁

Not too many things on the agenda for the fall (hopefully!!!) but was happy to have this delivered yesterday. 

Happy to have drawers in all the rooms now.  🙂


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  • A/C is Fixed!
  • New Screen Doors.  We understand the front door is a bit strange how the knob on the inside is – but it is the only way it would fit without resting on the inside knob.  C’est la vie.
  • New Refrigerator! (with hidden water feature) 😃
  • New Dishwasher! 
  • We installed coat pegs!  🙂  Yay!!!
  • New outdoor table (round) with umbrella and four chairs to add to the deck so more people can eat out there comfortably – and not all on benches.  
  • We have 6 new beach chairs! (link to new chairs) They are all tall-ish style chairs.  If you want some true sand chairs (ones that are low to the ground) you’ll have to bring them along with you.   These are pretty cool though!  They have a spot for your phone and a built in bottle opener.  😂
  • I brought up a coffee maker for people who would like to make regular (non-nespresso) coffee.
  • Garbage Service Resumes on Saturday June 15th!!  Every Tuesday and Saturday from then until September 10th.
  • Hooray for the new grill!  If you use it just make sure to wheel it away from the house and the railings.
  • The Maids schedule is on the Calendar.  It needs to be viewed on the desktop version.  (they are scheduled for every other Monday throughout the summer season – the time they arrives varies – we usually get a window the Friday before)
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