The heat downstairs is controlled by the Nest Thermostat (pictured above).  It is located above the butcher block island.  It is controlled by rotating it to raise or lower the heat.  There are also other menus that can be navigated by a combination of rotating the thermostat and pressing it to “select”.

 If the heat is currently heating – it will appear red like in the above picture.  

If there is a leaf showing – it is in “eco” mode.  

It goes to eco mode when it doesn’t detect people in the house for a long period of time.  Just turn the dial to wake it up.

The heat upstairs is controlled by old-fashioned thermostats in each of the rooms.  It is electric.  Please remember to turn the upstairs thermostats off before closing up the house.


The A/C is two zones . 

Downstairs is controlled by the downstairs Nest controller by the butcher block and upstairs by the Nest controller in the hallway.

When you push on the Nest Controller you will get a menu like this:

turn the dial to choose this icon.

Press on the Nest again to choose it and you will see this.

turn the nest like a dial to choose what you want to adjust.  In this case we chose “cool” the second choice down.  Press it to select and you should see this:

Then you can turn the dial to adjust the target temperature.